30 Days of Renewal Preparation

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30 Days of Renewal is simple and easy to do. A simple-to-use Leaders' How-to Guide is included in your Leaders' Packet. We recommend you choose a campaign coordinator to oversee the leadership teams and the planning process, which is carefully explained in the Leaders' How-to Guide.

This amazing campaign does not require a lot of advance planning and preparation. In fact, many churches have very successful campaigns with only a two to three months of preparation. However, to assure the greatest impact with the most people in your congregation, we suggest you start early enough with your planning to get your most influencial leaders excited and on board in advance.

4 simple preparation steps:

  1. 1.Calendar your campaign.
  2. 2.Choose a campaign coordinator.
  3. 3.Select your leadership teams.
  4. 4.Involve and inform your small group leaders and influential members in advance.
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Church Preparations for 30 Days of Renewal