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Q: Exactly how many Sundays will we need to schedule for 30 Days of Renewal?

A: 6 Sundays total. Your pastor introduces the Week 1 theme on Kick-off Sunday. Then your members read about that theme in their WorshipLife Journals throughout the first week, and the small groups meet to talk about what they are learning from that week. You will need to plan the final service, called Renewal Sunday, on the Sunday after everyone has completed going through the journal.

Q: How important is it for the senior pastor to lead this churchwide emphasis?

A: Hugely important! In fact, we do not recommend you conducting 30 Days of Renewal if you don't have the enthusiastic support and leadership of the lead pastor. He is the visionary leader of your church. He is also the most influential and visible leader. The lead pastor must have a burden to see his people grow and experience true, Biblical worship, and he must see the impact 30 Days of Renewal can make on his people. If not, this campaign will not be very effective or well-supported by other leaders in your church. His primary role, however, should be more as the main cheerleader, rather than the organizer.

Q: Will 30 Days of Renewal really have impact in a small congregation?

A: Absolutely! The results in small churches are often just as dramatic, proportionally, as those in larger congregations. 30 Days of Renewal is based on Biblical principles that truly transcend size. The results experienced by other churches are not a function of a specific size, model, or denomination of church. They are simply a function of offering up to God 30 days of personal and corporate concentrated worship. 30 Days of Renewal has proven effective for churches both small and large.

Q: How much can we expect to spend doing 30 Days of Renewal?

A: 30 Days of Renewal will most likely cost you less than a traditional revival or weekend event; but the lasting results can far outweigh anything else you can do with your people. Furthermore, allowing your members to donate toward their journals can take up to 60% off the church's cost.
For all the needed materials (including WorshipLife Journals):

A church averaging 100 regular attenders will probably invest between $600 and $700.
A church averaging 300 regular attenders will probably invest between $1600 and $1800.
A church averaging 600 regular attenders will probalby invest between $3000 and $3300.
A church averaging 1000 regular attenders will probably invest between $6000 and $6400.

Q: We have purchased the downloadable resources, but how do we access them online?

A: You should have received an e-mail from us with the information you need to access your online resources. The online resources are at When prompted, enter your password that we sent you in an email when you first purchased the online resources (or perhaps the Deluxe Leaders' Packet). If you lost your password, email us at We will send you a new password within 48 hours.

Q: Does our access to the downloadable resources ever expire?

A: No, the church who originally purchased the downloadable resources will always have access to them. That means that church can redo 30 Pure PraiseDays of Renewal three or four years from now and still have access to all the downloadable resources! However, the password we sent you will expire after one year. A representative from the church will simply need to email us requesting a new password, and we will send it to them at no extra charge.

Q: What do you recommend we use to follow up after we have finished 30 Days of Renewal?

A: We recommend you take your church family deeper in their understanding and experiencing of true, Biblical worship and praise. Dwayne Moore authored the WorshipLife Journal and developed 30 Days of Renewal. Dwayne Moore's highly acclaimed book called Pure Praise: A Heart-focused Bible Study on Worship is an excellent follow-up to the WorshipLife Journal. This 9-week devotional study will help your people continue their daily habit of time alone with God. There are even DVDs and promotional materials you can use to help make the study a huge success. Please go to for more information.

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